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I recall at a very young age , the significance of dreams in my life. I analyzed them to better understand myself. I listened to my feelings, I sorted the information and followed my intuition very carefully. And I loved to "" profile "" people according to their behavior, their appearance...it was my fundamental basis to face life...

With time, and its challenges, I let myself be carried away by a negative whirlwind of emotions, thoughts, behaviors, habits, beliefs...which have pushed me to completely change my direction, my career. It was an obvious choice for me to become an RTT therapist (Rapid Transformation Therapy) and hypnotherapist. First of all, it allowed me to free myself from all that negativity, to validate my diplomas and to continue on this path.

The renowned Marisa Peer's unique brand of therapy has the tools and the understanding to help you clear your mind of all those thoughts, beliefs, feelings, ideas... that have been stuck in your head for so long. Sharing my knowledge and my passion in removing this discomfort that consumes you and transforms you into the life you desire. It is possible, it is rapid and it is absolutely incredible!

It is an effective, powerful therapy that ""saves"" you and gives you a new breath in one to three sessions, you experience a ""Re-birth"" for a better life

A short note about my background

Getting to know me a bit better and understanding how I work will help to alleviate any concerns you may have about starting therapy.

I studied at the University of Nancy II to perfect my English language skills... At that time I was also fascinated by dreams and the sub-conscious, my ""DNA"". This allowed me to grow and understand my way of being.

I lived in the UK enjoying books on Mind, Body and Spirit and the psychology of Freud, who believed that children went through certain stages and that their personalities were affected by the way they handled each of these stages.
For over 12/13 years in the UK, I have understood that mental health is as important to care for and maintain as physical health,

During the pandemic, in 2020, I studied Marisa Peer's Rapid Transformation Therapy which is both powerful and fast.
In the last few years, I have continued my studies and have graduated and become certified in Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformation Therapy for a new Life!

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