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Introduction: Remote Hypnosis & NLP Sessions
In these trying times, many are suffering. People are anxious, frightened, and need our help as hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners. But in the current environment, it may not be advisable to see clients in person. Given this situation, many of us practicing hypnosis & NLP might see our income, and with it, our ability to help people plummet.

This document is meant to help you with one potential solution to this situation — remote sessions. With remote sessions, you can both help people, and keep your practice going, even with travel restrictions in place.

Some of you may not feel remote sessions are appropriate. If that’s so, then don’t do them. This document is not an argument for doing remote sessions, it’s guidelines and suggestions for those who wish to do them.

I’ve divided this document into 3 sections; a techniques section, with ideas about what techniques to use, and how to adapt existing techniques to remote sessions, a technical section on how to do remote sessions, and a legalities section.

Download the full document here .

Remote Sessions

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Keith Livingston

Keith Livingston is the Director of Education & Operations for the International Hypnosis Association. He's been training Hypnotherapists and NLP Master Practitioners for more than 20 years, and have created, or co-created more than 20 NLP/Hypnosis related programs.

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