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Hypnosis for Anxiety Speaking

Speaking Impairment Due To Anxiety

Before I begin discussing a specific case, I would like to extend my greetings and express gratitude to the IHA team for this excellent initiative and the exchange of practical experiences.

Speaking Anxiety

In this particular case, we are dealing with a young man who has completed college but faces a significant issue: whenever he becomes excited, his throat tightens, impairing his ability to speak clearly. 

At best, he manages to speak slowly and with hesitation. 

He has undergone extensive medical examinations that found no organic problems. He visited numerous psychologists and psychiatrists, who suggested strong relaxants, but the latest psychological conclusion was advising him to speak slowly when excited.

Hypnotic Principles

hypnotic principles

In my work with people, I adhere to certain principles, one of the most crucial being that I never work with individuals who lack the time and expect quick fixes.

If someone doesn't prioritize their own health and well-being, I refrain from starting therapy with them.

Furthermore, you never know how many associated events, which are the root cause of the problem, the person's subconscious may reveal. I don't leave this chain of events until I have processed and eliminated all negative emotions associated with them.

Hypnotic Pre-talk

In today's tense world, hypnosis is undoubtedly the best, easiest, and most effective way for a person to deeply relax and unwind. The most critical, quickest, and easiest way to succeed in hypnosis is through a prior conversation with the client.

In this conversation, I explain that hypnosis is a completely natural state, where they are aware of everything that happens and can open their eyes at any time if they are uncomfortable. I also clarify the difference between consciousness and subconsciousness, explaining how they function differently and why problems arise in the subconscious.

Personally, I believe that the subconscious mind is the greatest intelligence known to humans, and we have only scratched the surface of its potential.

Following this introduction, I guide the client into hypnosis, deepen the state, and proceed with standard techniques used by many of us.

Hypnosis Techniques During Sessions


In further sessions, I utilize a technique for general cleansing of negative emotions and creating new filters that enable a significantly better, more optimistic, and confident way of life (two sessions day by day, consecutively).

In the third session, I use a pendulum technique to uncover the number of events contributing to his throat tightening when excited, revealing a total of 57 events. For some events, I directly ask the subconscious if it is ready to re-evaluate them from a different perspective now that it is aware of them.

For others, I use a technique where the person, feeling completely confident and secure, returns to the stressful event and speaks to their younger self, explaining that they are now an adult, self-assured individual, and that the event was just a misunderstanding by a scared child.

At the end of each session, I send the individuals I work with to an ideal relaxation place, leaving them there for several hours in their subjective time (around 10 minutes in our objective time) to maximize relaxation.

Following this, I perform a classic erasure of memory of everything we have done (to prevent conscious questioning and potentially weakening the effects of the therapy), while ensuring that all subconscious work remains active and effective.

I would also like to mention that I integrate teachings and techniques from Taoism, as well as methods from various hypnotists, as long as they are proven successful, easy to implement, and validated in practice.



The specific case in question is a bit unique.

The young man was studying at the Faculty of Economics, which involves daily interactions with many clients, whether in commerce, banking, or other fields, always related to working with clients, daily contact with people, and many conversations. 

Thanks to his persistence and the patience of the professors who understood his problem (answering for an hour, instead of the usual ten minutes), he successfully completed his undergraduate studies and enrolled in a master's program.

In the end, he had two of the most difficult exams left, and one of the professors openly told him that his future daily job would be working with clients and that he would not pass him in the exam because he would not be able to perform his job properly. This hit him even harder and made him insecure, causing him to get stuck on that exam, even considering dropping out of the master's program.

Although his mother did not believe in hypnosis and was afraid of it, in the end, there was no other option but hypnosis. A mother is a mother and will always do everything to help her child.

After the second hypnosis session, the first results appeared: much greater confidence in his speech, and everyone was overjoyed, both the parents and the patient. 

We continued with daily hypnosis sessions.

The hypnosis was not strictly focused on passing the exam; I aimed for him to gain general self-confidence and to start seeing himself as a decisive person who clearly sees and sets his life goals, and absolutely, without any doubt, puts all his energy into achieving these goals in the shortest possible time, achieving every single one he set.


Then, using a pendulum, I found a series of 57 events directly related to his throat constriction problem and inability to speak when excited. With the help of his subconscious, he reexamined and accepted a better and more positive meaning for each of these specific problems, transforming the most difficult ones so that their influence became positive, and he emerged victorious from every situation. 

Additionally, we did brief regressions to a previous life (3 sessions), aiming to eliminate the greatest human fear, the fear of death, and checked if his specific problem was somehow related to something from a past life. Everything went smoothly and perfectly well.

We then worked on visualizations of him passing the exam effortlessly and feeling fantastic about it. In post-hypnotic suggestions, I suggested that every night, as he falls asleep, he dreams the same dream of successfully, quickly, and easily passing the exam. And that was what we did together. About ten days after these visualization sessions, he took the exam, and everything went as he had visualized. The professor who had told him he wouldn't pass praised him and said he was now a true economist.


This concludes a brief overview of this specific case. If anyone is interested in more details or is dealing with a similar case, please contact the IHA, and I will be happy to provide a detailed day-by-day breakdown of the case and the techniques used.

About the author

Mirko Krnetic

Mirko Krnetic is an IHA Certified Hypnotherapist from Macedonia, and can be reached through their IHA Member Profile:

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