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We invite you to submit your hypnosis or NLP courses for certification with the International Hypnosis Association (IHA) today.

This is a free process: There is NO fee associated with course approval or listing.

We are a 3rd party, independent credentialing association and we keep our independence and objectivity by approving course content based on objective criteria.

We do not certify trainers, only courses. And we ensure complete impartiality by keeping the entire process free - we do not profit by approving courses. This way, both students and course providers can trust that the content of a submitted course will be reviewed without bias.

The IHA promotes a high level of professionalism in the field of hypnosis and NLP, providing support, training, and networking opportunities for hypnosis professionals, and advocating the valid and therapeutic uses of hypnosis and NLP through increased public awareness.

All IHA approved courses are based on sound, time-tested principles of psychology, human nature, practical experience and/or scientific research with solid theoretical underpinnings.

Course Evaluation Is Free!

Having an IHA Approved Course means you can guarantee your students that they will qualify for certification with the IHA, your courses will be listed on our "IHA Approved Courses" page with links back to your site, and as a trainer you can receive membership discounts for yourself and your graduating students.

In addition, your courses will be listed on our website, and we will link with you and support your business on social media (LinkedIn and Facebook).

There are two general ways we work with schools and trainers to certify their students.

1. You can administer the course certificates yourself (and receive a discount).


2. Students who have completed your approved course can apply to us directly.


IHA Course Approval Process

  • Contact us via the form below.
  • Within 24 - 48 hours you will receive an email requesting you to send certain course materials to us electronically, and give us a detailed explanation of your student evaluation process.
  • We will review your materials as soon as possible, usually within 2 business days. (It CAN take up to 10 days). Once reviewed, we will respond via email with a decision or any questions we may have.
  • When your course is approved, you will receive notice and further instructions via email.
  • Once again, yes it is free (we get this question a lot) - there is no fee involved at any stage. The evaluation is free, if your course is approved the approval is free, the listing on our site is free, etc, etc, etc. You will have the option of offering your students membership & certification at a discounted rate, which will be explained in the details you will receive upon course approval.


Benefits of qualifying your course

  • You will receive a free course profile page on our website, with detailed information and link back to your site.
  • Your course will be listed on our IHA Approved Courses Directory, with links back to your site & course information.
  • Comprehensive course review and feedback by highly qualified professionals - FREE
  • Increase trust & confidence by offering a course that has independent, 3rd party validation for the quality of your course content.
  • Offer your students globally recognized certification & IHA membership which includes support services and bonus programs.
  • Access to the IHA's social media further outreach.
  • Greater prestige for your course by highlighting IHA approval in your marketing material and on your website.


IHA Approved Course Criteria

The following is just a brief overview of the content we look for when reviewing submitted courses.

  • Hypnosis Courses

  • NLP Courses

IHA Approval Criteria For Hypnosis Certification Courses

In order for your course to be approved to offer IHA hypnosis or hypnotherapy certification , your course must include at minimum the following content:

  • A theoretical explanation of hypnosis
  • Explanation and instruction regarding the complete hypnosis session, including but not limited to hypnotic inductions, suggestions, and emerging from trance
  • A discussion of ethical considerations
  • A detailed explanation of how graduate competency is evaluated (i.e. testing, observation, etc)


Benefits for your students

  • Free member profile (member can choose what to include in public profile) listed on IHA's web site
  • Free client referrals. When potential clients contact us, we send them to our members if they are in their geographic area or match with their area of expertise
  • Electronic certificate that can be printed and displayed on their website (Certification by the IHA helps build a solid reputation as a professional hypnotherapist and/or NLP practitioner and helps ensure client trust)
  • Electronic member badge for their website
  • Electronic member card for email signatures
  • Free bonus training
  • Free 30 minute expert consultation on cases or marketing

Course Providers

Submit Your Course For IHA Approval

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