Hypnotherapist Certification With The International Hypnosis Association

Get your peer reviewed hypnotherapy certification by an independent, 3rd party hypnosis association and ramp up your successful career as a hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy certification class

The International Hypnosis Association is an independent 3rd party hypnosis credentialing organization that certifies individuals based on their knowledge, skill level and dedication to effective and ethical practices.

Hypnotherapy certification with the IHA means your coursework has been peer reviewed by an established and respected hypnotherapy association. This gives your future clients the reassurance they need to know that your credentials meet or surpass our standards of excellence.

Part of our mission is to help raise the skill-level of hypnosis and NLP professionals by providing access to and encouraging training based on solid and proven techniques that meet our standards.

Getting your hypnotherapy certification with the IHA is simple, and can be accomplished online.

Here's how it works in 5 easy steps:

  1. 1
    Successfully complete a hypnotherapy course that meets IHA standards.
  2. 2
    Upon receiving your certificate of completion from your course, submit an application to the IHA.
  3. 3
    You will receive an email within 1 to 2 business days requesting a copy of your certificate of completion from your course. You can email an image of your certificate in response.
  4. 4
    Upon verification of your course content and certification, you will receive another email inviting you to activate your membership.
  5. 5
    Once you activate your membership, you will receive your "Certified Hypnotherapist" certificate vie email, and you now have internationally recognized hypnotherapy certification.

Is Your Current Hypnotherapist Certification Enough?

If you haven't taken a hypnotherapy course yet, you may want to consider reading our "Hypnotherapy Certification Guide". Or you can search through our directory of IHA Approved Courses.

However, if you have already completed a hypnotherapy course, you might be wondering whether the certificate you got upon course completion is the only certification you need to become a professional hypnotherapist.

The answer is simple - maybe

If you want to become (or already ARE) a professional hypnotherapist, then you may want to reassure future clients that you know what you're doing by getting a certification from an independent, 3rd party organization. Acquiring additional credentials beyond your course certificate is an important step in furthering your career.

Additionally, make sure that the organization/association from which you acquire 3rd party certification is indeed a 3rd party organization. Check the organization offering the certification and make sure they are legitimate, and not just a mailbox somewhere without a business website, etc, associated with it.

Your Path To Becoming A Professional Hypnotherapist

In order to become certified with the International Hypnosis Association as a Certified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist:

The individual must present qualifying course completion certificate (or other proof of successfully completing a relevant course) that attests to the following:

  • Shows competence in hypnotizing his/her subject
  • Is able to induce and utilize trance
  • Demonstrates skills in hypnotic inductions, deepening techniques, and formulating and delivering suggestions
  • Has successfully completed evaluation ensuring competence in these and other relevant skills & knowledge

Hypnotherapy certification is an important step in becoming a professional hypnotherapist, and you'll want to get certified by one or more organizations that are recognized both locally and world wide. This type of certification is important to your success.

In fact, many hypnotherapists get multiple certifications, both for the added prestige, and to help their clients feel more comfortable with their credentials. Hypnotherapy certification with the IHA is recognized internationally, and we have members all over the world. When you join the IHA, you join a global community.

Is the International Hypnosis Association Hypnotherapy Certification Accepted in My Location?

Hypnotherapy & NLP credentials recognized around the world.

Some locations may require you to be licensed in order to practice hypnotherapy, other locations may not be regulated at all. In fact, make sure you understand that hypnotherapy certification and a legal license to practice hypnotherapy in your area are two very different things.

The IHA is a membership, certification and credentialing organization, NOT a governing body.

If you need information about the law regarding practicing hypnotherapy in your location, we strongly suggest searching online for that information.

Global Hypnotherapy Regulations

Let's face it - hypnotherapy is a wildly unregulated profession around the world. Even within individual countries, there may be different laws and regulations depending on region or state (i.e. many states in the United States have different regulations and laws governing the practice of hypnotherapy).

hypnotherapy certification stamp

However, hypnotherapy certification is not about the law in your location, even though it may help if you need to get a legal license to practice.

It is about credentials. It is about proving who you are, and what you know.

It is about trust, and prestige, and confidence.

IHA Credentials Are Recognized Around The World

When you get your hypnotherapy certification with the IHA, you are telling people that you can be trusted.

We offer credentials that ensure that you know what you are doing, that you have received ample education in hypnotherapy, and that you have agreed to abide by a strong Code of Ethics when practicing hypnotherapy.

We offer hypnotherapy certification and NLP credentials that are recognized all over the world and show that you have knowledge and training that meets our high standards.

IHA Membership & Ethics

Being a member of the IHA, which is required for certification, means you have agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics.

That is an important element to helping your clients trust you. Your future clients may find you by searching this website, or they may search this website to find out what your certification means to THEM. When they do, they will see that not only does your membership mean you are a Certified Hypnotherapist (or NLP Practitioner, or both), but that you have agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics that keeps your clients safe, and helps them feel confident.

Hypnotherapy Certification That Inspires Confidence

You didn't JUST take a class and get a certificate from an instructor that says you "completed a class".

When you become a Certified Hypnotherapist with the IHA, you have your education reviewed by a third party (us), and have met our standards. There is prestige and reassurance in that for your clients.

For individuals who have completed a qualifying course of instruction in hypnosis or hypnotherapy, certification with a credentialing body like the IHA just makes practical sense. No matter where you are, it helps your future clients KNOW that you know what you're doing.

In addition, you'll be listed on our website with your own profile page, so future clients can search for a hypnotherapist in their area, and find you.

Hypnotherapy Certification For The Modern World

There are lots of benefits to becoming a member of the IHA, of course, but we recognize that our members primary concern is certification that remains trustworthy, easy, accessible and affordable.

So we have streamlined everything.

The IHA operates exclusively online, with virtual offices and Regional Advisors around the world. 

Hypnotherapy certification online

Every aspect of the application and membership process can be accomplished online and via email. Even your certificate will arrive via email, so you can print it as many times as you want on the fanciest paper you can find!

There are three simple ways to get your hypnotherapist certification with the IHA.

  • Take an existing IHA Approved Course.  When you successfully complete an IHA Approved Course, you automatically qualify for membership and certification.  Simply let us know when you have completed the course and send us proof, which can be as simple as snapping a picture of your course certificate with your phone.
  • If you've taken a course that has not yet been approved by the IHA, simply send us your credentials (course certificate).  The application process is simple and can be accomplished via email.
  • We offer reciprocal certification with several other certifying bodies, so if you belong to another hypnosis certifying body (like the NGH, etc), you can apply for reciprocal certification by sending us copies of those credentials.
  • And if you are interested in NLP Certification, we offer multiple certification options, without any additional charge.