International Hypnosis Association FAQ

How much does membership cost?

Membership is currently $75/year, $150 for 3 years, or $300 for a lifetime membership. The fee covers all of any IHA certifications you might hold. In other words, if you're a hypnotherapist, it's $75/year, if you're yearly. If you're a hypnotherapist and an NLP practitioner -- still $75.

What certifications do you offer?

We offer certifications for hypnotists & hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, and NLP master practitioners. We also have specialized certifications.

Who is eligible for these certifications?

There are a few different ways someone can become certified with us.

  • They can successfully complete an IHA approved course
  • They can successfully complete a non-IHA approved course which meets the IHA's standards.
  • They can get certified through reciprocity, if they already have certification from a legitimate credentialing body.

What are the standards for the IHA approved courses?

We have different standards for the three main certifications we offer, of course. In each case, an applicant must have passed a course which. . .

  • Presents a rationale for what they're teaching.
  • Covers all industry standard subjects (for instance, they must cover inductions in a hypnosis course, and anchoring in an NLP practitioner course).
  • Teaches, or gives access to an ethics section (schools are free to use the  IHA Code of Ethics for this).
  • Has a reasonable method for judging graduate competency.

What are the benefits of being an IHA member?

Benefits To IHA Members

  • Each year you renew your membership, you'll receive one program to help you strengthen your skills as a hypnotist, NLP practitioner, or trainer.
  • Each year you renew, you get a 30 minute consultation on your cases or marketing your practice. This allows you to feel confident and supported knowing you are backed by experts.
  • With each renewal, a certificate to enhance your prestige.
  • A listing on IHA’s web site.
  • Client referrals. When potential clients contact us, we send them to you if they are in your geographic area or match with your area of expertise.
  • Certification by the IHA helps build a solid reputation as a professional hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner and ensures your clients’ trust.
  • Show your clients you're qualified when you use the IHA logo on your web site and other marketing materials.

Your Membership Programs

When you join or renew, you can choose any one of the following programs to help you with your hypnosis, NLP or training skills, marketing or running your practice. You get one program for each year you renew. Lifetime members receive all programs.

  • $49 Value: “The Greatest Dangers Facing The Hypnosis Profession Today”-- Provides you step-by-step guide to keep you from getting slammed by lawsuits, legal hassles, and government agencies.
  • $69 Value: “Working With Phobias, Fears and Anxieties”-- Learn how to treat phobias using powerful, quick and effective NLP and hypnosis techniques.
  • $29 Value: "The Power Pre-Induction Talk"– A professionally recorded pre-induction talk you can play for your clients or use as a guide to help dispel myths and fears of hypnosis, that decreases "resistance" and make entering hypnosis easier.
  • $79 Value: "How to Start a Hypnosis Practice"– Helps you quickly and easily get your hypnosis practice rolling.
  • $89 value: 'Getting Clients' Get hours of interviews with real, practicing hypnotherapists about how they get clients. You save time and money by avoiding advertising that doesn't work. Includes techniques, tools and tips for getting clients.
  • Integrating Hypnosis & NLP: Discover NLP techniques you can use to improve your hypnosis skills right away.
  • Recording Professional Spoken-Word CDs & MP3s: Quickly and Easily Create High Profit, High Demand, Top Selling Hypnosis CDs and MP3s. Recording audio on your computer has never been easier–if you know how. Add a profitable income stream to your existing practice or create an online presence by having CDs and MP3s for sale. Includes royalty-free music.

How can I apply for membership with the International Hypnosis Association?

Just fill out the initial application. It should take less than a minute. After that, you'll receive a request for a picture of your qualifying documents. Usually that consists of snapping a picture of your qualifying course certificate and emailing it to us. Sometimes we'll need to get more information about a course you've completed.

If so, we'll let you know.

In most cases, the process is very easy, and only takes a few minutes.

How can I get my course approved/accredited by the IHA?

Just send us a request. We'll ask you for some course materials and get back to you if there's anything else we need to know before deciding if the course meets our standards. There's no cost to have your course evaluated, approved, or listed on our IHA Approved Courses page.

Is the International Hypnosis Association Hypnotherapy Certification Accepted in My Location?

Hypnotherapy certification and a legal license to practice hypnotherapy in your region are two very different things. Although hypnotherapy is often unregulated, it is important that you check your local and regional laws to be sure that you are practicing legally. Certification from the International Hypnosis Association MAY be helpful in proving your qualifications, but it is not guaranteed.

The IHA is a membership, certification and credentialing organization, NOT a governing body.

If you need information about the law regarding practicing hypnotherapy in your location, we strongly suggest searching online for that information.