Margaret J Heath
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Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotist, Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
IHA Specialty Certifications
Certified Specialist in Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, Certified Specialist in Hypnosis for Stress Relief, Certified Specialist in Parts Therapy With Hypnosis, Certified Specialist in Parts Therapy With NLP
United States
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My first exposure to NLP was when I was in college, circa 1988. An NLP training was taking place in the hotel next to my dorm, and some NLP students came to the dorm office to ask for volunteers. I volunteered - and my fascination with NLP, hypnosis, communication & how our minds work was born. I later went through some Tony Robbins seminars, which if I'm being totally transparent, I didn't love. I was happy to learn later on that there are many ways to use the tools we can find in NLP and hypnosis, and his way is just ONE way to do it.

Years later, I studied NLP and hypnosis, became certified, continued to study and then teach both. I have been in this industry for about 25 years, but my fascination with the human mind has existed most of my life.

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