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Mgr. Marios Michail, MBA Coach+Ment+Lead, Life Coach, NLP, EFT/TFT, AC/EMCC M., HIC ExeM., CTAA M. HYP, IHA

He was born in 1970 in the occupied by Turks village of Kyra in the Province of Morphou in Cyprus. He currently resides in Avgorou, a village in the free Famagusta Province. He is married to an adorable wife and he has two wonderful daughters.
He has been serving in the National Guard of the Republic of Cyprus since 1994. Studying (Life Coaching) at the EKPA University of Athens, was for him a turning point, making him realize that he had to reassess the priorities of his life. After facing major health issues, the knowledge he received proved to be the best medicine he could have asked for. He feels the need to share what helped him get through the toughest moments of his life with as many people as possible to aid them through their struggles.

Finding a purpose and meaning in life is what he strives for and though it has been a difficult journey, every day he discovers a new reason to smile. Armed with a deep love for humanity and a burning desire to better things, his goal through his books is to convey that each of us is capable of change, one step at a time.

Today he is an author with more than 20 book titles on Amazon. His first book with the title <> is an autobiography/self-improvement and contains his true story.

He has also been a member of EMCC Cyprus since January 2020 as a Life Coach (Practitioner Accredited by EMCC), with more than 400 hours of coaching. As a Hypnotherapist he is also a member of the International Hypnosis Association and an Executive Member of the Hellenic Institute of Coaching. His area of expertise is the modification-development of patterns of behaviors and habits (neuroplasticity of the brain). He is an NLP Practitioner and an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Master Practitioner, using evidence-based and neuroscience techniques.

He has been authorized by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Cyprus to work as a Volunteer Life Coach, offering his services with selfless love, on a non-profit basis to anyone who requests it with priority to people with rare diseases.

He only hopes that some of his words will reach you and make you realize that you are worthy to enjoy the wonderful gift of life.

His favorite phrase is:

"Live your dream, not the dreams of others."

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