The Power of the Mind

Marios Michael

Marios Michael, IHA Member & author

In recent years, my health experiences have been the reason why I constantly seek to acquire knowledge about the functions of the mind.

I have studied a lot of articles and books, attended seminars, and done a lot of experiments to improve the health issues that concern me. 

According to Ellen DeGeneres (presenter, actress, writer and producer):

"Discover who you are and become this person. 

That's why you came on Earth.

Discover this truth, live with this truth
and everything else will come".

I discovered this truth through experimentation. It is our choice to consciously live this amazing life today. This started when I realized that we can deal with any problem (health, unemployment, family, relationships with other people, work and love) by using the power of our mind and the power of the subconscious.

If we do not react and continue to have the same pattern of thinking, we will live the same situations and each time we will have the same result. Life itself has forced me to react and I firmly believe that I have no right to keep what I have experienced to myself.

According to Dr. Joseph Murphy: "The greatest secret of all time is nothing more than the amazing, miraculous power of your subconscious. This vast treasure trove that exists inside you and from which you can extract everything you need to live beautifully, happily and lavishly".

I apply several simple methods and procedures which are described in the great sources (books, article) I have mentioned above and I want to share them with you.

Power of Mind

By properly utilizing the power of your subconscious mind  you can acquire MENTAL BALANCE AND HEALTH, FAMILY SERENITY and FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

I have achieved this in practice and I am able to live with selfless love for everyone, feeling rich with forgiveness and gratitude for everything. 

The important thing is that you do not need to gain this power. You already have it inside you. What is needed is for you to learn how to use it, after first understanding it, so that you can take advantage of it in all areas of your life. 

The responsibility for not learning / acquiring knowledge is solely ours and I was not interested in learning. I wish I had known it before, but like everyone else, if something doesn't happen that will shake us and force us to change course in our lives, we rest in our safety zone, experiencing the same things over and over again. 

Eventually, I have come to consider my illnesses a blessing, because they were my wake up call. They shook me and gave me the impetus to start searching, researching and learning.

Today, I feel like I'm in the best physical, mental and emotional state I've ever been. I do incredible things for myself, things I could never have imagined. Several things that are mentioned in this article have been proven true in practice. Unlimited wisdom, strength and resources from whatever you need nestle deep down in your subconscious. 


If someone tells you that you can't do what YOU want, just smile and move on with optimism. It is your choice, your struggle, your life. Ever since you were born, you deserve the best. If YOU do not claim it, then WHO? You can change if not all but most of the things you complain about, just decide, dare and react. 



Make your mind your ally. If you do not control the mind (subconscious) the mind (subconscious) will control you.

Always talk to yourself using the present tense.

Always ask for what you want.

According to Marisa Peer (Speaker, Therapist, Behavior Specialist and Author) the mind has four basic functions:

  • It always does what it thinks you want and does it with the words you use. If you think you can or can't do something, you're right. You shape your beliefs and your beliefs shape you. 
  • It protects you, it distances you from any danger and leads you to what is pleasant, to what will make you have a good time and survive.
  • It reacts to words and images. The way you feel about everything is based on the images you make in your mind and the words you say to yourself. Every thought you use has the corresponding emotional and physical reactions in your body.
  • The Mind always wants to stay in what is familiar to it, so make all positive things become familiar. Your mind is shaped in such a way that it resists anything that is unfamiliar and is constantly running back to what it knows. You can train it to make the unfamiliar familiar. Make praise familiar, by praising yourself. Make criticism unfamiliar by eliminating it altogether. 

When you convey a message to your mind about something you don't want, it runs to your protection. There is no harmony between the conscious and the subconscious, which is why many psychosomatic health issues emerge as unresolved problems arise from the subconscious, problems which you overlooked and overcame at some stage in your life. 

Don't forget the importance of the way you think and the way you speak. Think and speak in words that remind you of what YOU WANT or DESIRE the most. Enthusiasm is a potent driving force. Live life and face its challenges out there with pleasure and optimism. Take negativity out of your life, make your positivity a familiar environment. Reward yourself for every success, no matter how small. 

Every beginning is difficult, but it is never too late. Acquire new habits and a new mentality. It's feasible, you can do it! In the beginning it is difficult to get acquainted with new habits, but it becomes easier by positively dealing with the process and by creating new habits and mentalities in our lives. 



The brain is different from the mind. The mind controls the brain. The mind has will and intention, the brain does not. 

The mind is related to the emotionally irregular part of ourselves, while, on the other hand, the brain is almost like a machine. 

When you understand how your mind works and how you can program it for high performance, then you will get the desired results. In addition to the diet you use as fuel for the brain, there are several ways to improve brain performance, especially the right and left side of the brain. 

The left side of the brain is the source of rational decisions, process-oriented thinking and rational judgments. The right side of the brain has to do with creativity and imagination. In some left-handers, it may be the other way around. 

The most powerful ways to optimize both the right and left brain are related to the following five types of brain waves we experience: 

GAMMA WAVES: They enhance the functionality of the brain. They are activated during learning, memorization and processing information. 

DELTA WAVES: These are the slowest waves in the brain and are experienced when we are in deep REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). This is the fifth stage of sleep. Our body is paralyzed, our muscles are temporarily out of order, eye movements are abrupt and breathing becomes intermittent. The brain works normally as if we are awake, presenting a strong metabolic activity.

BETA WAVES: The most active waveform, activated during wakefulness. It is in progress during movement, hyperactivity, stress and anxiety. 

ALPHA WAVES: You are in Alpha when you are calm and focused. These waves are activated during meditation and are the result of deep breathing and relaxation. 

THETA WAVES: They unlock creativity and play a role in daydreaming, deep sleep and deepening your intuition.

The cells of the body simply follow the commands given by the nervous system, by the brain. The nervous system has the role of the interpreter. This is easily seen in everyday life, when people respond with different reactions to the same stimulus. These reactions can be positive or negative.

As our perception changes, so do the messages that the nervous system communicates with the body's cells. This is proven in the experiments performed on patients with a placebo drug where the mind believes that it is a proper drug and not a substitute for a drug. It believes that the drug will work and so it does. The mind controls biology. 

According to Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi, the authors of the book "SUPERBRAIN", which is published by Patakis Publications, our brain never stops working. It is made up of billions of nerve cells, which make up to four million connections, called synapses. The qualities of everything you see, hear, touch, taste and smell are attributed to the brain.

According to Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi

"You, as a leader, give the daily instructions to your brain. You act as an inventor and create new paths and connections in your brain. You learn new skills by training your brain to be a teacher and at the same time, as the user of your brain, you are responsible for keeping it in the best condition".

"Your brain works in its entirety, not just the ten percent, as some say. It is constantly being reshaped, creating new nerve synapses due to neuroplasticity. You are the creator of your reality right now with your thoughts." 

"If you want to know what your thoughts were in the past, look at your intellectual, physical and mental condition today. If you want to know how your intellectual, physical and mental condition will be in the future, pay attention to your thoughts today".

Subconscious and Conscious Mind

There are two different parts in your mind. The subconscious and the conscious.

old programs

Your mind is programmed by old programs, which you have been carrying with you ever since you were born.

They are usually dysfunctional negative beliefs and convictions that were created during your lifetime. 

These programs find a way to constantly play a role in your daily life through the subconscious, which controls 95% of your reactions and decisions.

The positive thing is that there are several ways (hypnosis, therapeutic meditations, self-suggestion and visualizations) which I have successfully implemented to address the challenges I was facing with my health. You CAN intervene in the conscious part of your mind and change - modify these negative beliefs and convictions. You CAN REPROGRAM this program that is constantly running in your mind and which brings about the result you don't want. In this way, the old films are interrupted.

In my case, I stopped listening to the films of my subconscious and started living with spectacular results. But to be able to help yourself, reading self-improvement books is not enough. It is one thing to understand a concept and another to put it into practice. In order to be cured, continuous film breaks are needed or an unusual experience needs to happen or things need to change through various methods and tools as I mentioned above. 


The job of your mind is to create a coherence between your beliefs and your reality, that is, the function of your mind is to express that belief so that it becomes a reality. If you believe that your health is about to deteriorate, it is your mind’s job to turn this conviction into a physical manifestation. This is not because you have a disease and it will get worse, but because you think it will get worse.

 A living example is what I experienced in the past and what I am experiencing today. In June 2015 I was the object of constant psychological pressure in my work environment for some health issues that I could not prove because of their autoimmune nature. During a meeting at work where I was having a heated discussion with a superior colleague, I told him that I was willing to go through a medical examination board again to prove that I really had a problem with dysphagia, so that they would leave me alone to deal with my other health issues.

THAT WAS IT. In six months, my health deteriorated rapidly to the point where my life was in danger every day. Fortunately, after much suffering, the end of my Golgotha was finally approaching. I received the final diagnosis of Esophageal achalasia in December 2016.

I want to point out that great care is needed in your reaction when you realize that you are suffering from a health issue. Do not think about the negative development of your illness, as I did, but the positive, no matter how difficult it may be. Today I can say with certainty that I programmed myself to make my illness worse. Proof of this is the subsequent development of my treatment. I changed my way of thinking and MADE MY OWN BRAIN PROGRAMMING (Modification of negative, dysfunctional beliefs).

I have found that the starting point for healing is faith in ourselves and a commitment to follow our inner guidance. Emotions are a revealing factor. If you have a strong feeling, negative or positive, about a particular belief, then there is a good chance that this particular belief will come true. 


The most important thing is to be present.

Being present means concentrating on the conscious mind, which breaks the cycle controlled by the subconscious. 

Being present does not mean not thinking negatively about what is happening at the moment. 

Being present means that you can, consciously, have different reactions to the same stimuli you had in the past, so as to stop your subconscious film.

By exercising daily you can increase the number of new nerve cells, just like when you are seeking to learn new things. Emotional stress and trauma produce glucocorticoids in the brain. As animal experiments have shown, these are toxins that inhibit neurogenesis. The path to your brain’s well-being begins with consciousness.

We, humans, suffer terribly in our inner world and this translates into significant problems. This happens when you let your brain control you. Yet, if you start controlling it yourself, you will see that the benefits are multiple and the rewards are endless. 

Memory Improvement

fading memories

Every time you complain that your memory is weakening, you reinforce this message in your brain.

According to a simple axiom, something develops only when you take care of it.

To develop your memory, you need to be careful about how your life unfolds. 

  • You need to live your life and the experiences with which you fill with passion. 
  • Learn new things with enthusiasm (knowledge, activities).
  • Expect your memory to remain intact. 
  • Stop blocking your memory, watch your stress levels and get more sleep.

Do not have regrets about the past, nor fear the future. Both cause suffering through self-doubt. Everyone has their own way and their own truth that they need to follow. 

Regardless of the situation you are in, in matters of health and prosperity and no matter what is troubling you, you can change your thoughts and beliefs with practice and discipline. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE. 

NELSON MANDELA once said, "It always seems impossible until it's done." 


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Marios Michail, MBA Coach+Ment+Lead, Life

Dec Military Officer (Active) / National Guard of Republic of Cyprus, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Author.

Marios has been working in the National Guard of the Republic of Cyprus since 1994. He has been authorized by the Ministry of Defense to work as a Volunteer Life Coach, offering his services with selfless love, non-profit to anyone who requests it with priority to people with rare diseases.

He is a member of EMCC Cyprus since January 2020 as a Life Coach (Accredited at practitioner level by EMCC GLOBAL), with more than 400 hours of coaching. He is also a member (Executive Member)
of the Hellenic Institute of Coaching.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Practitioner of NLP and Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) & Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Master Practitioner he uses evidence based and neuroscience techniques.

Writer of the following books:
• The Resurrection Through The Golgotha of Rare Diseases

• Goal-Setting for Success

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