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Morphing Innovative Education Enterprise
Hong Kong SAR, China
20/F Unit B, Winner Commercial Bldg., 401-403 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
HK SAR China
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English; Mandarin; Cantonese
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Dr. Ian MC LUI (?????) is a Certified Hypnosis Therapist in HK and is also a Lifetime Member of International Hypnosis Association in UK in addition to being an US NGH member.

Ian specialize in Corporate Executives Mental Health strengthening and maintenance ; as well as Emotion Control with emphasis on self directed mental adaptations.

The correlation with over-usage of brain activities , insomnia and early degeneration of structural brain compositions leading to dementia are examined intensively during his practices and research.

These valuable experiences and live proofs are subsequently leading to the development of Morphing Brian Training Exercise for delaying early brain functional degeneration and might even prevent brain degeneration through optimal brain exercises.

As a successful executive over three decades in several global financial conglomerates, Ian gained people management skills and management coaching expertise over multi- lingual and multi racial working environments. He worked in different geographic locations all over Asia in his three decades of executive career.

Ian is founder of Morphing Innovative Education Enterprise in HK. The company is developing different mental training tools and exercises aiming to delay natural human brain power degeneration and providing pragmatic total health and wealth management training for healthy individuals pursuing optimised Total Wealth.

Total Wealth of an individual means each individual should seek a well balanced approach on attaining one’s optimised physical wealth , physical health and mental health.

Ian prefer using fundamental humanistic methods to gain in depth understanding on clients and avoid unnecessary or prolonged hypnosis treatments.

His “Mind at Ease Approach” to map personality and attitude inclination proven highly successful during psychotherapy and education sessions.

Ian adopted fully the concept and belief of ancient Chinese Medicine literature “: ??????The dialogue between King and Minister ?promoting ?Superior Skilled Physicians cure those diseases not yet infected ??????.

Ian gained Bachelor of Science in University of Hong Kong. With training in Craniosacral Therapy and Chinese Medicine Physiotherapy; he is a Certified Facilitator (Lv1) with Cambridge International College Certification and is a
Certified Hypnotic Coach
from Hypnosis Institute of Hong Kong.

He was granted MBA from Hong Kong Chinese University and DBA from University of Western Sydney.

Please feel free to check on the Morphing Innovative Education Enterprise video portal for further details.

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